AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology is a production alias of Brian Ruskin. AViD tracks run the genre spectrum from dance-oriented (electro, techno and breakbeat) to atmospheric soundscapes and sonic experiments.

Brian Ruskin began creating music as a child, intrigued by the interesting sounds made by hooking up cheap guitars and keyboards to his father's effects pedals. They say that an amateur blames the equipment if the output's bad, so Brian tried not to complain. Instead, he established a working method to embrace the limitations of obsolete technologies of proto-samplers, odds-and-end instruments and 2 or 4-track tape recording. Particular interest in looping found sound provided soundtracks for Ruskin's installation sculptures. Most importantly, a prolific output of recording during those formative years served as a dated document of where Brian was in terms of musical influence, emotional and personal state, and technical development.

By 2002, Ruskin began producing in earnest upon upgrade to computer-based composition and recording. The combination of lo-fi sensibilities and technologic assistance resulted in a prolific stream of electronic albums under the name AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology (many of which can be heard at Ruskin's own small netlabel, Believe In Billy Records.

In an effort to streamline the process, Brian adopted the Mental Health Consumer guise in 2006 to attempt a more organic style and integrate live instrumentation/programming. Recent Mental Health Consumer releases include "The Measurement Spoils the Data" (Experimedia EXP050) and "Ambia" (Clinical Archives CA247).

As a scientist and an artist, Brian Ruskin tries to achieve the careful balance between the calculated and emotive, creating well-crafted music that also resonates with the listener. Since time is the gift you can't get back, Brian sincerely appreciates your gift and hopes that AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology tracks provide you with an enjoyable listening experience.


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