Born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1983. He "had to" listen to the music from his earliest ages (in full meaning of saying "had to", since there was a wall-mounted speaker on which his father, the rock, disco, soul, blues, etc. - fan was constantly playing out his favourite tracks out of records, tapes, radio, etc.).

The interest for music therefore was born in him since his early childhood. He begins his deeper exploration of "sound" it self with concentrating on the works of artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, and some "new-wave" rave, hardcore, acid and techno music artists, of course with F. Schubert and the rest of the 'gang' playing in the background almost all the time.

In 1995, he makes his first encounter with producing electronic music by remixing some tracks for his own pleasure (rave, techno tracks). He finds it very interesting and countinues with soundly-space-exploration... The results are even more than promising, but since he was at the age of only 12, he had some education to do.

In 1999, he goes deeper into the philosophy of making music and the music it self. Stepping into the world of electronica with his both "feet". There was nothing more to discuss; the needfull knowledge was there, and the visions were clear. Ideas were already there, and the only thing there still was to do was to "press the button" and start! He gets into producing with more active & serious approach. This period continues during weeks, months and years and is still on today... There is still "that something" to learn, but that's the whole "magic" of electronica – you never know "everything!!" he says with enthusyasm...

In 2001, he gets more into DJing, and here's the start of his carrer as a DJ along with being a producer. His DJ-sets are a "story" that needs to be heard in full to be understood. The constant battle of "good" and "evil"... The answer to the question: "Which side wins?" is left to the one who hears the story. The answer gets to the listener in the end. Encouraging the listener to always battle for the "good"...

In 2004, he gets to the theological univeristy in Zagreb, driven with his Catholic faith and the desire to get to know him self, his past & his present more closely. This makes him approach to music with even more desire and passion, but on the higher level. The approach is more deeper here, giving his tracks a part of his inner-self a.k.a. "the soul"...

In 2006, first official releases come out on few labels which recognized his talent & warm-deep-atmospheric approach to music. Also, he gets to study on another university: Teachers Academy in Zagreb with a will to learn more about raising children and helping them evolve through life.

Along with DraCo (producer from Croatia), he opened a net-label called Diggarama, concentrating on high-quality electronic music.

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