The Calling / The FarCry [bump021] (2006.12.12)

bump021 cover image

Release notes

"There is a lot more material to come in the future", he said when the first EP was released. As promised, FarCry from U.K. came back with his 2nd EP. As we move towards the end of "The Calling" EP, BPM becomes faster, sounds gets louder, energy goes higher. This one is also for a party.


Net Label Review
Another great release by the Bump Foot net label, this time on their techno / house side (Bump). a Solid Album by FarCry. Starting off with a mellow paced house track and building up into harder trance grooves. Mixing the two genre's to form something of a House/Trance hybrid. Overall its a good album, it keeps you listening and has some good highlights. The only complaint from me is that it tends to jump a little too fast into the next genre bracket all the time, from house to techno, to trance ... but ignoring that, all the pieces on this album is really well done.


Track list

  1. Follow Me (5:18)
  2. Motion (5:10)
  3. Lylu (5:55)
  4. The Beach (5:01)
  5. The Calling (6:02)

MP3, total time 27:27, total size 52.5MB