Método Paranoico Crítico / In Vitro [bump025] (2007.01.27)

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Release notes

The 2nd release of In Vitro. Containing 2 versions of title track and coupling. Artwork by Raúl Contla in 1967.

Comment from In Vitro : "Salvador Dali influenced me since I remember; he exited me as first and he's still one of my favorite artists. I was reading about his 'método paranoico crítico' and his influence is just basic to compose this music."


Net Label Review
Wanna know what time it is? IT'S PARTY TIME!!! The guys at bumpfoot are bringing out the big guns! If you want something to shake your b-hind to, this is it! One of the most approachable dancefloor albums to date! Seriously thumping beats, phat growling basslines, hot hatz and an amazing groove! A definite download for all dance music lovers out there ... (this is HOT!!)


Track list

  1. Método Paranoico Crítico (6:29)
  2. Método Paranoico Crítico (minimix) (5:23)
  3. Retina Pupila (5:42)

MP3, total time 17:34, total size 40.1MB