Graft EP / Retroflexus [bump035] (2007.06.03)

bump035 cover image

Release notes

Bump Foot started its 3rd year, and the beginning is the 80th release overall. Here comes fresh minimal techno from Hungary, Retroflexus's debut EP.


Net-Label Review
This debut release from Retroflexus, an artist from Hungary is also bumpfoot's 80th release. The music is interesting and will slide down well with all minimal fans. The music tends to be a little quirky at stages but it's still funky throughout all 4 tracks. I found the third track had the most appeal to me, steady solid beat and some nice techno elements just made it worth the download. Give it a download if you are into techno, tech house, minimal...


Track list

  1. Thief In My Bed (5:38)
  2. Spotted Umbrella (5:44)
  3. Fungicid (6:04)
  4. Association (5:46)

MP3, total time 23:12, total size 53.1MB