Game Over / Josh Winiberg [bump128] (2010.02.07)

bump128 cover image

Release notes

Game Over is the first electronic album by Josh Winiberg. Combining tongue-in-cheek playfullness with sincere expression, this album takes the listener on a journey through the darker side of psychedelia without ever taking itself too seriously. With a track list spanning many variations of techno - deep, electro, hard, minimal and ambient all have their place - Game Over is a dance album intended for club and home alike.


Track list

  1. Cave (6:48)
  2. They Walk Among Us (9:10)
  3. Gear Change (7:32)
  4. Nine oh Nein! (8:11)
  5. Fa├žade (7:14)
  6. How's Your Lizards Boys? (6:52)
  7. Game Over (7:58)
  8. Nocturne (6:37)

MP3, total time 1:00:22, total size 139MB