HouseMouseMusic / Hrubesh [bump142] (2010.10.03)

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Release notes

HouseMouseMusic is a mixture of big beat and oriental melodies, or a mixture of house track and ethnic mood. Here comes a comment by Hrubesh : "This EP is the expression of the sound that I love, I really like the stop-and-go style, and so when I'm creating a track I could not use the same beat for more than 20 seconds. I must stop and then restart with a new mix of two drums. I also like to create my own sounds even recording it in the streets of my town, or capturing it from strange sound of old films or from the web."


Track list

  1. Palindrome Day (4:44)
  2. Her Red Voice (4:20)
  3. Alfred's Nightmare In Toledo (3:09)
  4. The Desert In The River (5:56)

MP3, total time 18:09, total size 45.8MB