Hollow Mermaids On The Lucent Beach / Led Light Dietrich [bump155] (2011.05.01)

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Release notes

Back to deeper minimal, Bump Foot got another guest artist from other netlabel. Hollow Mermaids On The Lucent Beach gots influences from minimal and electro, but Led Light Dietrich is implementing these influences in himself under the command of his mind, wrapping them into a giftbox and giving it to us simply. "These tracks are all parts of a journey to Lucent Beach where we can find only dead mermaids, instead of our dream or happiness. We have to go back to the real world to celebrate ourselves." Go Down To Confuse is the beginning of the journey to Lucent Beach, staying strict like marching. Near Lucent Beach, there is the Forgivens' Orphanage, which is the real exit to this world. "All of us are waiting for weirdness at the beach, but there are only dead mermaids and emptiness. After seeing this, turning back, feeling like we were cheated, and celebrating in the real world, dancing around a campfire." Artwork by Led Light Dietrich.


Track list

  1. Go Down To Confuse (4:24)
  2. Dance At The Forgivens' Orphanage (4:26)
  3. Hollow Mermaids On The Lucent Beach (5:27)
  4. Everdreamer (5:49)

MP3, total time 20:06, total size 46.0MB