Divider / Krzho [bump165] (2011.10.30)

bump165 cover image

Release notes

After finishing his "Elements" project, Krzho came back to make solid four-to-the-floor EP. "The structure is very similar in each track, 606 drum machine, which I have been using for some time now. Then the track go on different roads. Divider has a fat and nasty bassline, Transpose is a bit more rich with percussion, Like No Other is very simple, but has a very powerfull kicks. And finally Perfect Score, the track which is a little different from the other three, it is more deep and melody is more emphasised."


Track list

  1. Divider (8:14)
  2. Perfect Score (8:13)
  3. Transpose (6:44)
  4. Like No Other (7:15)

MP3, total time 30:26, total size 69.6MB