Flora & Fauna EP / Mr. Dee [bump176] (2012.08.19)

bump176 cover image

Release notes

The second EP by Mr. Dee has deep or hypnotic atmosphere. "I leave a noisy and dirty city at every weekend and go to the forest. When I cross border of this Green Kingdom I feel a pleasant smell of freshness and freedom. I walk on narrow wood paths and enjoy the nature. I can see that the squirrel rushes and rescues her nut from invisible enemies. I can feel that the early bird sing on mountain ash's branch. This place is so simple and beautiful that I would not want to come back in a city."


Track list

  1. Hello (3:12)
  2. Flora & Fauna (5:59)
  3. Control (Feat. Slava Miles) (4:38)

MP3, total time 13:49, total size 28.6MB