Art Is Made Of Freedom, Vintage Dreams And Honey Tears EP / Alex Chester [bump184] (2013.03.17)

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Release notes

Here comes another EP, suitable for floors. "The tracks have different influences", Alex says. "Honey Tears is based on a painting of a contemporary artist Casey Weldon, her work called Honey was the total inspiration, when I saw that beautiful image, I stayed lost looking to it, and the melodies just came to my mind." Vintage is a complete electronic musical arrangement, composed as a retro tune but taking advantage of the new technologies, this track has the great attribute of provoke goosebumps effect the listeners in detail. "Dreams talk about all those longings repressed inside each one of us for so many reasons, many times as adults we usually transform all those dreams we had when we were young in pure melancholy. Freedom is inspired on hungarian themes, thereof which inspired to Johannes Brahms to compose his majestic 21 Hungarian Dances."


Track list

  1. Honey Tears (7:57)
  2. Vintage (8:34)
  3. Dreams (7:30)
  4. Freedom (Hungarian Theme) (8:49)

MP3, total time 32:50, total size 63.1MB