DankyTrackerMusician / beatsgo [bump211] (2017.08.20)

bump211 cover image

Release notes

DankyTrackerMusician is beatsgo's first EP, containing 3 techno tracks. Artwork by AnnK.

"Shout-out to AnnK for providing the artwork to this album. Additional shout-outs to T4N3, curses, cyber-rainforce, shmups hive, Adrian and Rich for influcencing me to produce music as a lifetime hobby. Give major props to the Renoise team for creating a powerful DAW for music production. And of course, bump foot for giving me the opportunity to share this small collection of music to the world."


Track list

  1. Da Future (4:24)
  2. (Extended) Tryouts (4:29)
  3. Solo Run -Time Extension- (5:42)

MP3, total time 14:34, total size 26.2MB