The Purpose / Y2 [bump214] (2018.09.09)

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Release notes

Gozne recorded 5 tracks in a live and improvised session with his old friend. The result is called "The Purpose".

"During a weekend (saturday, to be more exact) Y2 met to improvise with their noisy machines, fusing their styles and achieving that without previous trial 5 tracks were composed. Each of them with its own personality, rhythmic and experimental. Recorded in one shot. For that reason it is possible to appreciate some errors, as if it were a live concert, which in fact it is but without public. The machines were connected and the recorder was started."


Track list

  1. The Purpose (8:57)
  2. The Maiden Of The Wind (7:51)
  3. Mathematics Of Machines (13:21)
  4. Purpose Consummated (4:50)
  5. The Wind, The Machines And Their Purpose (8:14)

MP3, total time 43:14, total size 67.3MB