Neon EP / Shovelware [bump215] (2018.12.29)

bump215 cover image

Release notes

Our last release in 2018 is from Bump side. It consists of three uplifting tracks. "This release was inspired by the early 2000s techtrance and hard trance, that is a genre that has been really inactive nowadays. My objective with it was to bring some of it to the table, bring it to the newer listeners since nowadays early 2000s genres are considered 'outdated' and almost on its entirety forgotten. So I bring some good percussions, supersaws and lots of atmosphere and energy! The Neon name of the EP comes from the trend of tuning cars on the early 2000s and putting neons on them, that reminds me of a lot of trance album arts as well!"

  • Cover design by Esca-chan
  • Shovelware character design by Esca-chan
  • Shovelware character illustration by Etevoldo


Track list

  1. Dangerous Procastination (6:04)
  2. Pulse Pain (5:57)
  3. 150 (7:19)

MP3, total time 19:19, total size 34.3MB