Fadobey Lotlot / Alinoe [bump222] (2022.10.23)

bump222 cover image

Release notes

Alinoe came back since the release of Almost 22 P.M., with an ambient dub EP. "It is a project that is based on the connection of the sound of old hardware synth with new ones. I have always been fascinated by the dirty sounds of the first samplers, 8-bit synth, or the distortions that can be obtained by recording sounds on tape. Ambient Dub Techno style is perfect for this."


Track list

  1. DI Water (7:45)
  2. Motugh (5:04)
  3. DeadArm (5:15)
  4. CS-801 (4:59)
  5. The Effect Of Spilled Milk (10:19)
  6. Grampian (5:46)

MP3, total time 39:08, total size 73.1MB