Born in germany two decades ago, now living in Croatia. Niko's musical influences were mixed troughout his youth, until the point he discovered progressive music, which changed his musical world drastically. Then, in his last highschool year he discovered several artists which brought him to the vast lands of electronic music. When he is working on new stuff he spends hours, days and weeks on improving and reworking. And when he is not recording, his thoughts are still always in his new trakcs, even when shopping for groceries in a supermarket ("My best ideas usually come unexpectedly while sitting on the toilet" he states). In his opinion a musician can always experience two cases of wrong creating : it can sometimes be fun recording but sounding terrible, it can also be a boring process but good sounding. He believes that the mojo occurs when those things overlap : if it sounds good, and if you're having fun while doing it - then that's it. All other cases are deceptions and it's not fair to steal some listeners time with half-hearted stuff. Meanwhile, while he is searching for a workaholics anonymous group, you can listen to some of his stuff. His weapons : laptop, bass guitar, keyboard, Akai MIDI controller.


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