Corporate Control


Italy-based Corporate Control approaches house/dance/disco and other classic electronic music templates from an idiosincratic vibey, dirty lo-fi angle. Other influences include easy-going downtempo beats, oldskool deep house chords, cheesy synth-pop, vaporwave aesthetics and the outsider/punk view of dance music recently explored by labels such as 100% Silk or the so called "hipster-house" micro-scene in DIY America. Active with different aliases, styles and various upcoming projects ranging from esoteric techno to industrial and glitch, this project was born like an outlet for more playful, spontaneous and less overenginereed works, preferring genuine vibes, dirtiness and imperfections to your typical endless-compression-ratio-oversampling tweakings. The first, more upbeat and chords-heavy release on our label, a middle ground between an album and an EP, somehow represents a subplot to more melodic and disco-tinged "Ten Dry Nails", recently released on rephlexian netlabel Upitup Records.

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