Dusk At The Mansion


Dusk At The Mansion is a Portuguese electronic band formed in 2009 in Lisbon by David Costa (Drums), Leihla Pinho (Cello) and Ricardo Mestre (Vocals / Keyboard / Laptop). The band started as a duo back in 2009, when David and Ricardo began e-mailing pieces of songs back and forth, before they started gathering at "The Mansion" to compose and rehearse, armed with a laptop, a keyboard and an electronic drum. Leihla – and her cello – joined one year later, initially as a guest on the second live show, but soon after as a full-time band member. Their references range from Kraftwerk to Gary Numan, with Soft Cell and Jean Michel Jarre somewhere in between. The "lisboner" trio builds their sound and imagery upon melancholic landscapes and energetic rhythms.

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