Kirill Rem aka Electrodynamique was born August 17th 1983. He falls in love with music since early childhood. He founded Kraftwerk records in the age of 6 and was amazed by these sounds of the future. When 90's came Kirill started his studying in musical school and got his first computer zx-spectrum with ay-8912 chip. He made his first tune on speccy at the age of 10.

Till the 1996 he was still in the demo scene. Then he became break-beat affection when he was inspired by the Skint Records, XL Recordings and more. With his friend DJ Soletski started their first project "R'x'B" in which they produced hot mix of breaks, techno, electro and drum'n'bass. The project had great success in the city and was born a new generation of musicians, as they were one of the first guys who started making dance music. After that in 1998 Kirill met Ildar (DJ Heal) and they started their parties called on the skint's manner "Big beat boutique" - first breaks parties in the city. They were combined in one place with breaks music, graffiti and break dancers.

In that period Kirill enters the world of old school electro music and started deejaying with nickname DJ Rem. In 2000 inspired by the first releases of Gigolo Records Kirill and Ildar makes their group called Electrodynamique with electro-orientation. Since then Electrodynamique produced huge amount of music and parties. The music from the duo has been released on several Russian records labels such as Kama records, CDL-Sputnik records, Astra records. In 2003 first mp3 pre-release of their first album Electrique Future were supported by famous DJs and bands around the world - Larry T, ElectronicSat, Steril, Beroshima etc. In 2004 guys organized first electroclash festival in Russia. A lot of famous Russian bands and deejays took part in it. Electrodynamique played on the stage with Russian bands "Roboty", "Lavanda", "Super Alisa", "AN-2", "Ambidextrous" and DJ Panin which become strongly associated with electro genre in Russia.

The music that Electrodynamique has a touch of progressivitiy and good build up which can be considered more than one style, what it for sure is that both a House DJ and a Techno DJ can play their music, where the Electro DJ will be the happiest man when listening to such an adductive music.

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