Tim Gray was born in 1980 in upstate New York and has been collecting and producing electronic music for over a decade.

Initially exposed to electronic music by way of industrial, darkwave and experimental artists such as Coil and Skinny Puppy, Tim grew fascinated by the minimal techno explorations coming from Germany on labels like Chain Reaction and Force Tracks, and later Milles Plateaux and Kompakt. Tim started experimenting with the minimal house style using various combinations of hardware and laptop software, particularly the Nord Modular synthesizer and Jeskola Buzz and Sseyo Koan sequencing software. In 2001 Tim self-released a pair of 3" CDR EPs under the name Oneironaut, and began DJing at parties and clubs around Syracuse, NY and later Oakland, CA and the SF Bay Area. In 2003 Tim received his MFA in Electronic Music & Media Production from Mills College in Oakland and wrote his thesis on The Use Of Sound For Control, Healing and Empowerment. During his time at Mills, Tim focused on creating music for sound healing, utilizing production techniques to induce brain hemisphere synchronization and entrainment suitable for deep meditation. In the past few years Tim has returned to producing tech-house-oriented tracks under the name Ethernet, making use of an extensive collection of found sounds and environmental textures recorded on minidisc throughout Northern California. He is also experimenting with different time signatures in house music, such as triple-time or waltz time.

Tim currently lives near Mt. Shasta, CA. His passions include vegan cooking, hiking in the woods, painting, and on-going deep research into the occult, metaphysics, global politics, sustainability and the current state of our world.

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