Flu is a musician that emerged from the underground rock scene of Porto Alegre (the capital of the Southernmost state of Brazil). In 1986 Flu joined De Falla, one of the most influential Brazilian rock bands. With De Falla Flu (at that time Flavio Santos) recorded six albums, toured throughout Brazil and played in big rock festivals, like the Hollywood Rock, 1993, sharing the stage with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana among others. In 1999, after quitting De Falla, Flu has released his first solo album from Trama Records (the Brazilian record company responsible for the distribution of Matador and Sub Pop): "...e a alegria continua (and the happiness continues)". In this album Flu presented songs mixing electronica, bossa nova, and psychedelic rock. To get the album tours on the road, Flu putted together the band Os Dubem. In 2001 Flu participated with the songs Suellen and Volache in the album Comp, a compilation by the independent label Muquifo Records. In 2002, the song Kianka was selected for the compilation National Collection by the hip-hop label Instituto / YB. In 2003, Flu's second solo album came out: "No Flu do Mundo (The Worlds Flu)", released by Instituto / YB and distributed by Trama Records. Flu also did many remixes of traditional Brazilian musicians, and for movie soundtracks e.g. City of God. Currently, Flu participates in the Projeto Pixinguinha a yearly collective tour that congregate the most important musicians in activity in Brazil in the previous years names like Tom Ze, Baden Powell among others participated this musical caravan.


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