Driving when I shouldn't E.P. / Astral Navigations [foot005] (2006.02.15)

foot005 cover image

Release notes

The second release from Astral Navigations. This EP is opening with "A kleptomaniac stole my heart", similar atmosphere to their previous EP. Next "Driving when I shouldn't" is 4/4 beat, this is the first time to listen their housy tune. Then "Not entirely honest" turns into IDM-like trip-hop, one of my favorite. 4th track "Tell the world I'm sorry" is 4/4 again, this one is headed for techno. And warm chill "Looking down on mother earth" gently closes this EP.


Track list

  1. A kleptomaniac stole my heart (3:32)
  2. Driving when I shouldn't (3:36)
  3. Not entirely honest (2:37)
  4. Tell the world I'm sorry (3:00)
  5. Looking down on mother earth (4:31)

MP3, total time 17:19 total size 17.5MB