Facing The Fashion EP / Uniquetunes [foot027] (2006.12.28)

Release notes

A jazz quartet from Russia, Uniquetunes (DJ Kirill Sergeew is a member of this). Containing 3 simple downtempo tracks and 1 session from live.


Net Label Review
Good Electronic Jazz tunes released by the guys and gals at Bumpfoot. Uniquetunes really show their stuff with this EP. It's funky smooth and fresh, hopefully there will be more from them soon.


Track list

  1. Unsuspected Usuallism (4:11)
  2. Eternal Autumn (4:00)
  3. Andy's Suitcase (Version) (2:11)
  4. Midnight Stars (Live) (4:23)

MP3, total time 14:40, total size 20.2MB


Tracks are not available, but will be on their commercial releases.