Supersymmetry / The Stringed Theory [foot032] (2007.02.24)

foot032 cover image

Release notes

4 tracks of laidback ambient, about 26 minutes of space journey. This release is the first time of collaborating with a graphic artist. Cover images were designed by xNoleet.


Thierry Massard
Call it "super" if you mean that the importance of using "super"lative is a determinating element to appreciate the "tiny oscillating strings forming the basis of everything" around the corner of the... universe. We will probably agree on, as The Stringed Theory is giving us the demonstration of a quiet interlacing of drones and layers, reducing outlook in a working drawing distance - supersymmetry is also the result of intelligent cross features with the visual artist, xNoleet, renforcing the "graphic" spirit of the release - a sketchy masterstroke.
Net-Label Review
I must say that I'm impressed with the quality of this album from our friends at BumpFoot. This release fall under the foot (ambient) section of the label and it is a outstanding release. Lots of the ambient released today has a lot fo IDM influence, sometimes with success and sometimes just too obscure for repeated listening. This release drops into the space ambient genre and truly is enjoyable. Even though the music is minimal or simplistic, its delivery of mood and feeling is highly effective. Essentially utilising the basics of ambient... Lush soundscapes and slow melodies to name a few. It gets a very high rating from me and comes recommended. Once again, it's ambient, so if it's dance music your after, rather give it a miss. But if you need some mental relaxation or good reading / painting music, this music comes from heaven.


Track list

  1. Membrane (6:04)
  2. Intergalactic (4:32)
  3. M (7:30)
  4. Singularity (8:19)

MP3, total time 26:25 total size 40.0MB