Reproduction Of Art / Pekka [foot033] (2007.03.04)

foot033 cover image

Release notes

The third release from Pekka is a collection with some complexity. It was difficult to figure out which side we put it on to, but decided to be in foot side. Dark, experimental, trancy, psychedelic... various mood, various genre. Some tracks could fit rather in bump side.


Track list

  1. Horror (4:05)
  2. Caution, Psycho (4:17)
  3. I Need More Silence (7:12)
  4. Flurogram (5:36)
  5. Antract (3:39)
  6. War! (5:03)
  7. DDR (2:30)
  8. Underground People (5:23)

MP3, total time 37:46, total size 51.8MB