Red EP / Endorphin [foot041] (2007.04.14)

foot041 cover image

Release notes

The first release of russian duet Endorphin. It consists of five tracks, containing online-live with Deposside (musician from Saint Petersburg, working in electronic music).


Net-Label Review
Bumpfoot always seem to have something up their sleeves. Some days its retro, other times its funky and today its just beautiful. This release, produced by a Russian duet and apparently one other contributing artist is another one that stands out above the rest. It's a mixture of ambient and lofi downtempo beats. It contains some piano pieces which are haunting and sets an almost uneasy vibe... spooky in a sense. Personally I liked the first track Reset the most and it's staying in my collection. It's got a nice tribal rhythm in it which reminds me of a starry night at home. It's recommended download for all ambient heads out there.


Track list

  1. Reset (4:15)
  2. Orch (2:48)
  3. eXperience #09 (3:19)
  4. Running Cats (4:54)
  5. EX (Live at 01.04.2007) / Endorphin & Deposside (4:21)

MP3, total time 19:38, total size 27.9MB