Hipcycle / Cycle Hiccups [foot046] (2007.06.10)

foot046 cover image

Release notes

New comer from Russia, Cycle Hiccups with experimental EP. All compositions on the EP are one-take tracks, made and recorded live during different sessions with help of kaoss pad, loop station, keyboard, voice, and software building so called "sound cycles" and musical "puff pies" with improvised structure, melodies and words.


Track list

  1. Bi ute är ful (7:03)
  2. Hear here (2:39)
  3. Tendences (1:53)
  4. iiiiiiiii (3:50)
  5. Deifou (3:05)
  6. Flow (4:09)

MP3, total time 22:39, total size 41.4MB