Surrogat Soundz EP / Keyray [foot057] (2007.09.02)

foot057 cover image

Release notes

This is Keyray's first, small EP. After the introduction "El Mad Suite", 3 jazzy pieces come and go. "Midimot" has drum 'n' bass flavour, and "The Reef" is containing samples from Charlie Haden, Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis. "Threes Pulse" is a slow and mellow epilogue.


Track list

  1. El Mad Suite (1:11)
  2. Midimot (4 Little Begemo) (2:39)
  3. The Reef (2:41)
  4. Threes Pulse (feat. A. Molew on Sax) (3:19)

MP3, total time 9:50, total size 13.5MB