Ext. / E[c]lect[r]ic [foot071] (2008.02.02)

foot071 cover image

Release notes

This is the 4th work for E[c]lect[r]ic that returns with a 7 tracks release on Bumpfoot after some months. This time the project takes more time to be accomplished and take the title of "Ext.". It contains two collaborations with other artists for ext.(ented) his inspirations: one with A3ek, an Italian IDM producer with dark ambients, melodic sounds and glitchy drums and a remix of an old E[c]lect[r]ic's track made by Glitchbitch. The other five tracks are modelled with new instruments and new composing techniques, searching for a street through sounds, genres and styles. That signs for him another step in the experimentation and the compositions in the musical electronic fields. Cover artwork by A3ek & E[c]lect[r]ic.


Track list

  1. Giant white warm / A3ek & E[c]lect[r]ic (4:34)
  2. Tester (6:04)
  3. Nocturnal research (4:27)
  4. Complex dream (5:57)
  5. Why (4:36)
  6. Sometimes hard times (6:09)
  7. T[r]onic (GlitchBitch Remix) (5:50)

MP3, total time 37:38, total size 86.1MB