Alt-soundtrack Music / Dimitris [foot075] (2008.04.06)

foot075 cover image

Release notes

Dimitris once again returned to regular, audio release. "These are new tracks. New in the way they were build. I stopped being so much preoccupied with the rhythm structure, and gave the melody a better chance to evolve. There might be some big surprises in them though. The order they were produced, is somehow reverse to the one presented as track-list. Listen to the release as a whole, and you'll understand why. Enjoy: soundtrack music, bound with electronica, orient, and orchestral density."


Track list

  1. Tibetan (6:46)
  2. Multiple Harmonix (1:28)
  3. Damir (8:00)
  4. Lost Strings (4:32)

MP3, total time 20:45, total size 37.8MB