Un Dimanche Soir / Le Chatmou (de Mr Hoffmann) [foot088] (2008.12.28)

foot088 cover image

Release notes

This is the last release in 2008, but the first case - an invitation release. Having listened Le Chatmou's wonderful work "Denrées périssables" on Vaatican Records, I contacted him/them to do a new EP on us, and this is the result, "Un Dimanche Soir" (a sunday evening). "You know that special feeling of the sunday evening: you think about the new week, start working again. When the week-end is finish you can feel usually so sad...", he/they said. As we make a release on Sunday afternoon, when the task is done, I feel the end of the week-end, and I'm in a sort of melancholy. So this release suits us well.

  • Thanks to : Janjé (Télécaster dealer), Julien (05, 06), Cie Théâtre de la Remise, Cie Fourmis Rousses, Cie Vertigo
  • Artworks : Mlle ChatChat
  • All tracks by Hoffman Jérôme


Track list

  1. Galia Song's (2:57)
  2. Un Monde Parfait (2:48)
  3. Mother Day (1:46)
  4. Cinématique (3:05)
  5. Ne Reste Pas Là Bouche Bée (2:47)
  6. Danse Avec L'océan (1:50)
  7. A Demain (1:55)

MP3, total time 17:07, total size 43.0MB