Synthetic Adventure-Beats / SpaceWine [foot097] (2009.03.15)

foot097 cover image

Release notes

Since foot093, there are continuous releases of four U.S. musicians in foot side. And this time, North America again, SpaceWine from Canada.

"I like to make adventurous music that is fun to listen to, engaging, and full of musical ideas. I like to play around with form, and I experiment with timing. I like for each piece to live on its own, with its own personality."

Here comes comments on each tracks by SpaceWine : "Sodar" - Space-Battle-Symphony orchestrated with Simple-Synthesis. "Guitar Poem" - Recorded guitars and programmed drums/synths. "Maytar" - Synths and programed beats. This is a song where I play around with form... there's a quirky confused melody between building bars of DNB style driving drums and bass. "Slow 40608" - Double Distortion Drums and slowbass. "Deep Cosmic Video Snack" - This one sets an awesome mood, with layers of off-time delays. "Song of the Seventh Dimension" - This song is in 7/4 timing. It's another effort of form-play. "Disconcerting" - Sort of playing with form again. This is called "disconcerting" for a reason... the first part is kind of hard to listen to, because I create a distracting beat. But then it breaks into a very catchy synth-section. "Scalene" - An exciting and dirty synth-adventure.


Track list

  1. Sodar (4:02)
  2. Guitar Poem (1:39)
  3. Maytar (2:41)
  4. Slow 40608 (2:00)
  5. Deep Cosmic Video Snack (1:05)
  6. Song of the Seventh Dimension (2:06)
  7. Disconcerting (3:23)
  8. Scalene (5:04)

MP3, total time 22:00, total size 50.3MB