Aluminum Fly / Mystified [foot104] (2009.05.17)

foot104 cover image

Release notes

Another surprise for me in 2009. It came from U.S.A. again : the brain behind Treetrunk Records, Mystified visited us. Treetrunk was originally collecting experimental ambient music, but now "opened the doors a bit to other genres". This time, we did too (we already have experimental material, but we expanded the range). "It is a blend of techno, ambient, drone and noise - with mostly bright sounds and circuit-bent rhythms." Cover art by Mark Jondahl.


Track list

  1. Can Fly (4:56)
  2. They Are Not Bugs (7:51)
  3. Pixel Plant (5:26)
  4. Plugged (5:37)
  5. Children Of Space 2 (4:14)
  6. BassGrain (10:53)
  7. MooChime (1:58)

MP3, total time 40:53, total size 93.6MB