1902 / Cagey House [foot112] (2009.09.06)

foot112 cover image

Release notes

A while ago, Dave Keifer released the first album "The Cartoon Mouse Regards". This time, he delivered us the second album as his alias, Cagey House.

Musically it's pretty similar to Cartoon Mouse - all the tracks (there are six of them) have the same kind of rambling structures. But I've been experimenting a lot with the sounds I use, and this one has a lot more acoustic-type sounds. It also has vocal samples, which give it an added dimension, and make it a little more accessible.

At first this release was called as "Post Bugle Time" but was changed to "1902", which is the year his grandmother was born.


Track list

  1. Viv Luminous (2:56)
  2. Post Bugle Time Gents (3:14)
  3. Why The Long Map (3:04)
  4. The Sequined Jacket (3:19)
  5. Find What You Don't (3:30)
  6. Isn't This Great News (3:21)

MP3, total time 19:23, total size 44.3MB