Have Courage Funny Thing / Julien Mier [foot114] (2009.10.03)

foot114 cover image

Release notes

"This EP is more towards electronica and tape click, acoustic post rock IDM stuff. More use of field recording, more use of vocals and analog instruments. The story behind the EP is that it's a walk from my house to the sea, so it's kind of natural and rural as well. But it's combined with glitch kind of melodic stuff, so it's still in the same line as my previous release on Bump Foot."

Julien Mier has returned with "Have Courage Funny Thing". It's a mini album - acoustic and electronic. It's a trip - sailing and floating. It's a mixture - guitars and clicks, vocals and glitches. 22 minutes of smooth and relaxing time. Cover art by Rein Kooyman (photographer) and Jan Uretsky (designer).

This release is available on 2 other netlabels as well - INQB8R (Latvia) and Lomechanik (Netherlands).


Track list

  1. Little Footsteps (4:10)
  2. The Misty Barn (2:54)
  3. Windmills & Lantarnlights (3:24)
  4. Letter To Anna (3:03)
  5. At The Soar To Set The Sail (1:34)
  6. Fly Free Sailingboat (2:40)
  7. Goodbye You Float Well (4:32)

MP3, total time 22:17, total size 51.0MB