Tape Feedback Tracks / The Strait of Anain [foot139] (2010.04.04)

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Release notes

"Tape Feedback Tracks" is part of a series of music made using feedback samples produced on a Marantz cassette deck. The samples were achieved by turning up the mic and speaker then moving a hand over the mic to manipulate the sound. The samples were pitched down then used to make a variety of music exclusively with those samples. "Tape Feedback Tracks" focused on combining experimental electronic music with hip hop beats. Some of the other tracks can be heard on "This Wandering Winter" (to be released on Qunabu netlabel) and "Atonement" (Relinquished Records). In the spirit of collaboration, the samples are available in the zip file as Public Domain.


Attention. Public Domain is applied on "Samples (FLAC)".

Track list

  1. TF01 (3:31)
  2. TF02 (3:49)
  3. TF03 (3:00)

MP3, total time 10:20, total size 16.4MB