Dirty And Beauty / PUT [foot152] (2010.09.05)

foot152 cover image

Release notes

For Bump Foot, releasing rock music is a rare case. But sometimes it happens like this. Here comes an album by six piece band PUT from Russia. Rich in energy and emotion, a powerful album overall. "7 Ones" is a cover version of "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. "Mama Gave Birth To Me In Holland" is a lo-fi demo version from their next album "In The Empty Head".


Track list

  1. Intro / Room (3:41)
  2. About Pot, Jerk And Sorrow (2:04)
  3. Pindik (4:32)
  4. Close By Your Key (2:18)
  5. Angela (3:10)
  6. F*cking Good (3:20)
  7. 7 Ones (Tribute To The White Stripes) (4:02)
  8. Monogamy Prison (5:47)
  9. Mama Gave Birth To Me In Holland (Bonus Track) (2:58)

MP3, total time 31:52, total size 55.6MB