Love Would Never Work / Loneload [foot159] (2010.11.14)

foot159 cover image

Release notes

"To grow, to love, to fight the pain, to destroy ignorance..." Here comes a one girl band from Italy, called Loneload. Her debut album "Love Would Never Work" is available for free download at the official site under the same Creative Commons license as we take (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike), but she offered us to share the album in favor of getting more exposure. You can find lyrics at her website. And if you like, you can even order a CD in jewel case at ReverbNation.


Track list

  1. Einstein (1:38)
  2. Bad Kitchen (3:33)
  3. Silly Dead (4:11)
  4. Into The City Center (2:47)
  5. Load Of Pain (2:40)
  6. Bill Gates (1:38)
  7. Rotten Lone (2:29)
  8. Sick Of The Scene (5:12)
  9. To Alex (2:45)
  10. Goodnight (3:30)

MP3, total time 30:23, total size 66.2MB