Her Majestic Return / Windowbox [foot160] (2010.11.21)

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Release notes

Windowbox is dmyra's another project. The is the second set of two EPs, the first "Will of the Wood" was released on Clinical Archives (as ca296) in August 2009. "Her Majestic Return" consists of two parts : Her Sumptuos Curiosity and Fertility Rite. The first piece is the story of a societies approach and arrival to equanimity. This consummation represented here by the all important embrasure of the female principle, and its balance with the in this case abundant male energies. And the second piece is a tale from that equanuminous time about things filled with grace.


Track list

  1. Her Sumptuos Curiosity: A. The Grand Awakening (3:21)
  2. Her Sumptuos Curiosity: B. Knell Of The Fell (3:01)
  3. Her Sumptuos Curiosity: C. Her Majestic Return (2:53)
  4. Fertility Rite: A. In Preparation Of The Feast (2:02)
  5. Fertility Rite: B. The Glass Waltz (4:28)
  6. Fertility Rite: C. A Gale In The Glen (5:33)

MP3, total time 21:29, total size 57.1MB