T2FH EP / Domrafa [foot166] (2011.02.06)

foot166 cover image

Release notes

Domrafa's T2FH EP is a collection of emotional instrumental tracks. At first I was curious what T2FH was about, then he answered. "This EP was made when my ex-girlfriend broke up with me, so I was in a reflexive moment. The name, Trying To Forget Her (T2FH), came through this. I use a lot of bass, samples to made grimes sounds, and huge beats, almost dubstep style. They're songs from inside, without lyrics, but with instrumental means."


Track list

  1. Scared Heart (2:01)
  2. Spelling Love (1:22)
  3. Fear Twister (1:51)
  4. Sin Is... (2:19)
  5. ...Try To Change... (2:12)
  6. ...A Kid (3:36)

MP3, total time 13:21, total size 22.4MB