The Missing Couple / Jack Anderton [foot168] (2011.02.13)

foot168 cover image

Release notes

With an indroduction by Second Thought, Jack Anderton sent us one of the finest ambient album of this year. Electronic and acoustic, field recordings and voices... it's like a soundtrack album for a trip.

About The Missing Couple (by Jack Anderton) : "Inspired by an idea of a couple's honeymoon that for unknown reasons never takes place, The Missing Couple is a journey through the jilted landscape they would have visited- part real- part their imaginations. This area of coastline in England, with nearby woods and pathways, is brought to life with synths, field recordings and occasional acoustic guitar melodies to make a heady mix of nostalgic, beautiful, sometimes sad music that aims to be part dreamscape/part landscape, dwelling on themes of solitude, immersion, and an implacable sense of regret."


Track list

  1. Thunder House (1:13)
  2. Pond Nymphs (3:12)
  3. The Lover's Orrery (6:24)
  4. Mrs Pen Gob (2:11)
  5. Ithsmus (3:34)
  6. Honeymoon Cottage (4:16)
  7. Shivering Sands (6:13)
  8. Fission Sail (3:46)
  9. Scar Rocks (4:14)
  10. Bay Window (South Facing) (3:47)
  11. Leyden Jar (3:40)
  12. The Pneumatics Apparatus (7:03)

MP3, total time 49:32, total size 86.8MB