Quinque Dimensiones / Möbius [foot175] (2011.05.08)

foot175 cover image

Release notes

Möbius's third release at Bump Foot is a concept EP called "Quinque Dimensiones" (five dimensions). "It combines broken beats with dark analog bass lines and filtered melodies being inspired by the first five dimensions of space. Each track is dedicated to a different dimension: length, height, depth, time and finally reality. So, please fasten your seatbelt and feel invited to a musical trip through five dimensions to explore space from these different perspectives."


Track list

  1. Length (4:50)
  2. Height (4:55)
  3. Depth (5:27)
  4. Time (3:54)
  5. Reality (feat. Darsho) (7:09)

MP3, total time 26:15, total size 46.2MB