Medieval Computer / SpaceWine [foot181] (2011.06.19)

foot181 cover image

Release notes

SpaceWine make adventurous, experimental, fun electronica. Their influences range from drum'n'bass and goa to hard rock, psychedelia and classical music, plus cartoons and outer space. Everything on this album was made using synths and sequencers and drum-machine software. These tracks are Playful Pagan Gods, messing with the minds of Peasants everywhere.


Track list

  1. Grainic (1:53)
  2. Pointic (1:42)
  3. Hour of Need (2:56)
  4. Castle Hypodoria (2:49)
  5. Isabella (2:08)
  6. Sidewalk Sparkle (2:02)
  7. The Mend (2:12)

MP3, total time 15:42, total size 21.5MB