Half Asleep / Half Awake / No Common Era [foot189] (2011.09.25)

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Release notes

"Half Asleep / Half Awake" provides two vignettes, one for each side of sleep. With side A, you are on the porch late at night, mindlessly plucking the guitar. You are not watching the strings, but are staring off into the light rain, thinking about things that will make much more sense in the morning since you're half asleep. With side B, you are slowly regaining consciousness. Somehow you fell asleep on the floor, directly under the ceiling fan which occasionally sounds your windchimes (why they are indoors, know one knows). Thoughts are all jumbled as you are only half awake. Just as these two mental states are similar yet opposite, I have used the same classical guitar for both pieces, yet one is 100% acoustic while the other is 100% reverb. Both songs were recorded around midnight on 7/30.

Physical CD-R available. If you are interested in a hand-made CD-R copy, please contact andrew.klimek@gmail.com.


Track list

  1. Half Asleep (Thoughts) (4:21)
  2. Half Awake (Dreams) (7:55)

MP3, total time 12:16, total size 28.2MB