Dirge EP / Insects Tilling Livid Glebe [foot190] (2011.10.09)

foot190 cover image

Release notes

When visiting his parents, Nick went digging through his older computer and found some old tracks (early 2001). "Among all the stuff I dug through, I have here four lo-fi dark ambient tracks I made with various influences and inspirations in mind, namely noise music, early 80s industrial music, funeral music, and experimental music in general." Influenced mainly by post-industrial dark ambient music, funeral music, and experimental music, the Dirge EP features four tracks by older Robot Junkyard side-project, Insects Tilling Livid Glebe. Organs, detuned woodwinds, wandering percussions and distorted wailing synthesizers make up the many gritty layers of jagged harmonies and miasmic textures.


Track list

  1. Dirge (4:25)
  2. Tartaros (4:52)
  3. III (3:27)
  4. Huhuva (3:24)

MP3, total time 16:08, total size 18.7MB