Fourth Way To Decay / Connaissance [foot199] (2012.04.08)

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Release notes

These tracks were taken from his two releases, called "Liquid" and "Radius Of Human Stupidity". We chose them to fit "foot" side. To describe his music, Connaissance told us this passage: "Imagine that everything in this world is alive. Everything can breath and think. Everything has a soul, or at least something that could be called a soul. Grass, trees, flowers, soil are all fully conscious and self-aware. Nevertheless, it's the sky who got really lucky. It is always above the rest. It doesn't have to worry if it's got anything to eat for tomorrow, anything to wear. It doesn't have to care about its shirts being dirty and not folded for the following morning. Things like university deadlines and future career paths are not taking up large quantities of its time. It simply has no reason to be upset. It doesn't even have a sex and, therefore, does not need love or fornication. How more perfect can one be? It can not die, catch AIDS, suffer a liver or lung cancer. It can not get hit by a car, die in a fire or get smashed by a giagentic sandal. It has no fears, no enemies. I wish I were that sky. Being human means being your own enemy. We kill each other physically as well as psycologically, intoxicate our bodies with drugs and similar substances, betray and forget, go into wars to keep oil prices high, break speed limits while driving and putting other lives in danger, kill animals for fur so that our wives could have fancier jackets than our neighbours' wives. People say God is perfect. I say Sky is perfect. That's why neither sattelites nor cosmonauts could find no God out there; because there is nothing to find. The only creature that is both flawless and sinless at the same time, is the sky. It is the sky that draws lines of our fate backwards on its own bleached perfection. It decides who is worthy of sunlight and who gets winds and bonechilling frost".


Track list

  1. Leviafan (5:11)
  2. Radius Of Human Stupidity (3:16)
  3. Alienbear (2:26)
  4. Sunset Murderer (3:48)
  5. Sharpandrope (1:55)

MP3, total time 16:36, total size 38.0MB