Nostalgic Soundscapes About Growing Up And Dying / Memories Of The Surface [foot201] (2012.06.10)

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Release notes

Nostalgic Soundscapes About Growing Up And Dying is the first EP of the ambient project, Memories Of The Surface. On this EP, M1A1 shows his more minimalistic approach, with songs featuring lengthy, textured ambient compositions, fully of analog textures, layered with field recording and with occasional noise modulation. Written, produced, mastering and field recordings by Cesar "M1A1" Alexandre. Artwork by Leonardo "ProgClow" Santos.


Track list

  1. Environment I: Daydream (6:27)
  2. Environment II: Nighttime (2:53)
  3. Happiness Near You (4:36)
  4. I, Sleepily (1:07)
  5. Recurring Memories (6:39)
  6. Closing Credits (Where I Died) (4:38)
  7. Hidden Scene After The Credits (3:10)

MP3, total time 29:30, total size 67.5MB