Disrememberance / Kevin Bryce [foot202] (2012.07.22)

foot202 cover image

Release notes

Here comes Kevin Bryce's second album. Disremembrance is a story. It starts with a young boy walking alone at night through a field of rye. It ends with the same boy, now fully grown, launching into space. It's up to the listeners imagination to fill the spaces in between. Musically the album falls into the nostalgic sci-fi ambient category. It's a little more upbeat and hopeful than some previous Kevin Bryce albums.


Track list

  1. Rye in BC evening Suns (4:23)
  2. A walk in the Forest (6:26)
  3. Venus plus Y (4:06)
  4. The Decaying and the Painted (5:26)
  5. AM/FM (5:17)
  6. Disrememberance (4:21)
  7. Spas n junk (4:31)
  8. I make you a Spaceman (2:58)
  9. The Road to Mars (2:58)

MP3, total time 40:24, total size 73.9MB