Tintinnabulation EP / Serotonin Eyes [foot207] (2012.09.02)

foot207 cover image

Release notes

"When I started writing for this project I knew I wanted to do something in the break/glitch-core genre", he said. "I've been a musician all my life (predominately a jazz bass player) and have loved all types of electronic music for quite a while, but noticed that a lot of the music that falls under this category lacked strong melodies but instead were based more on the drums and bass end of ensemble spectrum with melodies being left simple and undeveloped or not present at all (that's not to say that many electronic artists don't put a lot of focus on melody just that I noticed a large majority did not)." This four tracks EP consists of glitch, IDM and ambient tracks with impressive melodies. "I wanted to write music where the melodies were the strongest part and main focal point of the tracks while still incorporating the fast paced tempos and sporadic drums and bass that represented the genre. And that's how the music came about."


Track list

  1. Nuclear Teeth (4:38)
  2. A Prism In Flux (4:59)
  3. Lo-Fi For The Ages (4:44)
  4. Cyclopean Skies (5:50)

MP3, total time 20:10, total size 39.7MB