Sweet Old Trash / SpaceWine [foot214] (2013.02.17)

foot214 cover image

Release notes

After a year and a half of silence, SpaceWine is making a comeback with the third album. "These tracks are from old files I made years ago. I abandoned them and forgot them, and their sweet melodies fermented like wine until I un-earthed them like an electronic Indiana Jones. You can consider them B-sides for my first release here on Bump Foot. There's Drum 'n' Bass, Breaks, and fun funky compositions which bleed into IDM. The Melodies are Sweet and the Trash is Loud."


Track list

  1. Starship Aggression (2:40)
  2. Weirdo Crying (3:05)
  3. Perccy (0:48)
  4. End of a Lovely Day (3:10)
  5. Have (4:59)
  6. Seven Bot (2:27)

MP3, total time 17:09, total size 29.4MB